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NASCAR hall of fame recipient, Mark Martin, has some choice words for anti-Trump advocate and race sponsor, Marcus Lemonis.

Lemonis is the CEO of the outdoor retail enterprise known as Camping World and has been a lifelong fan of NASCAR.Mark Martin

Recently Lemonis put his foot in his mouth after denouncing any Trump supporting customer from purchasing at any of his 120 stores nationwide.

Unfortunately for Camping World CEO, Marcus Lemonis, his avid support of NASCAR includes a $150,000 yearly purchase contract with former NASCAR No. 14, Mark Martin of Stewart-Haas Racing, who has a rather opposite view regarding President Donald Trump.

Mark Martin

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Via Daily Wire:

Marcus Lemonis, the CEO of Camping World, doesn’t want anyone who supports Donald Trump to shop at any of his 120 stores across America.

“There’s no doubt that there is probably not many consumers in this country today that are in favor of what has been said in the last couple days — and if they are, frankly, don’t shop at my business,” Lemonis said last week in an appearance on CNBC.

The camping gear outlet is massive — $3.5 billion in revenue last year. And Lemonis is a big player in NASCAR, reports New England Sports Network.

“His brand is the title sponsor of the truck racing series, while its subsidiary Overton’s has sponsored multiple races and cars this season. With that in mind, NASCAR chairman Brian France — who last year endorsed Donald Trump for president — might want to watch his words,” NESN wrote.

But Mark Martin, a legend in the sport who was inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame this year, didn’t watch his words at all.

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Democrats are in need of a constant reminder that America has a DEMOCRACY, with that in mind difference of opinion in terms of political position is to be expected. What isn’t expected or relevant is the push of political opinion into every aspect of life. Why would any rational business owner purposely segregate the customers welcomed in his establishments by exposing his irrelevant political opinion and alienating those with a different view that has absolutely nothing to with purchasing camping equipment?

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  1. Duffy Dukette

    The CEO of Apple said that if you don’t believe in the Global Warming story, maybe you don’t want to buy an Apple product. Being a good People Pleaser, I have not bought an Apple product in years. I can do the same with my camping equipment. Camping World is not the only vendor of tents.


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