Lady Who Locked Her Cousin In Car Until He Died Just Learned Her Fate

Top temperatures in Arizona have almost reached up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit back in June of 1990.

Since then the temperature has only continued to rise, making it harder and more difficult to escape the heat.

Many flights get canceled every year, things literally melt on the sidewalks, and food can cook in cars because it gets so hot.
Locked Her Cousin In Car

Today temperatures are reaching up to 116 degrees, and even close to 170 degrees on concrete surfaces.

Here are a few examples just to show you how hot it really is:
Locked Her Cousin In Car


Reported by awm:

It’s not clear whether 29-year-old Samantha Allen thought she was being funny when she let her husband lock her 10-year-old cousin Ame Deal in a trunk or if she was being cruel. But she nevertheless did it in the Phoenix, Arizona heat that was spiking in the 100s. In the end, prosecutors proved that the act was a punishment to the little girl for stealing Allen’s ice pop.  And it was meant to be cruel – and it was not the first time Allen and her husband had locked the little girl in the tiny space as punishment. It was there way of making the girl suffer. This time, they didn’t let her out soon enough and the 10-year-old died. The tragic death hit home to a lot of Phoenix residents because they had no idea that one of their own neighbors was capable of this heartless murder of a little girl. Samantha Allen was found guilty a few months ago and now she has received her punishment – she is getting the death penalty.

She had been a supporter of the punishment. Allen had known that her husband had locked Deal in a footlocker and did nothing about it. Instead, she allowed the little child to broil in the Arizona heat and eventually die. Now she was found guilty and was sentenced to death.

“We the jury duly impaneled and sworn in the above entitled actions upon our oaths having considered all the facts and circumstances unanimously find that the defendant should be sentenced to death,” the jury representative read as Allen sobbed.

Earlier this year, Allen was found guilty.  And the jury had little sympathy for the murderer. She knew that her husband was killing the child and did nothing. And that made her guilty too.

“[John Allen] said he remembered times where [Ame] spent times in the box overnight and survived,” Allen said during videotaped statements to Phoenix police.

But during this instance, 10-year-old Ame suffocated and died. The small box was only 31 inches by 14 inches by 12 inches. It was small and had minute air holes near its handles. The little girl was found dead the next day.Locked Her Cousin In Car

“There never was intention on killing her,” Allen said in the video. “He [John Allen] said he was going to get her out.”

But the jury thought otherwise. Allen was convicted of first-degree murder. They also found her guilty of child abuse, intentional or knowing child abuse and negligent child abuse. The death sentence was the only punishment that made sense to the Arizona jury.

Meanwhile, Samantha’s husband faces trial in October. If his wife got the death penalty and was not even the one to commit the act, her husband will not go leniently. He already pleaded guilty to the crime. Ame was also abused by three other relatives who are now currently in prison. Her family tortured the poor girl.

Do you think the death penalty is the proper punishment for this crime?

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