Administrators at one of the United States’ oldest and most prestigious private schools are now drafting a policy where they are going to punish any and all “harmful” language – such as “misplaced humor” – with expulsion, according to leaked documents that were obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The news outlet reported last Tuesday that this draft called the “anti-bias” policy has been circulating among administrative ranks at the St. Alban’s School in Washington, D.C. This is a famous all-boys school that has alumni that are former vice presidents and two current U.S. Senators.

The new policy is allegedly seeking to crack down on what it is calling “harmful” speech and it is also taking the controversial approach of prioritizing the impact that the speech has over the basic needs and intent of the speaker. Indeed, the new guidelines are so strict that many of the students at St. Albans could be expelled even under a single infraction.

Read more about it here from the Free Beacon:

“It is the impact of hate speech, rather than the intent of those perpetrating it, that is of utmost importance,” the draft policy states. As such, boys could be expelled “even in the case of a single expression, act, or gesture”—including “misplaced humor,” which the policy says “should be reported immediately to the student’s adviser.”

Reporting infractions would fall to students, teachers, and parents. “We also expect that anyone, whether student, faculty, staff, or family member, who witnesses, or has knowledge of an incident of hate speech, will report the incident to the appropriate individual,” the draft policy reads, clarifying that nobody will be punished for making “a good faith report.”

Interestingly enough, St. Alban’s was once considered an old-fashioned and more conservative school in comparison to some of its elite private school competitors. That has changed in recent years, though, because now they too are under the same progressive sway as other private institutions. The Free Beacon noted that it is not entirely clear whether the policy is still in its draft stages or whether it has gone into effect, as St. Albans has not responded to requests for comment from the outlet. But the outlet noted the policy changes have likely been in the works for more than a year.

In July 2020, there were plans for the school to significantly expand its “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” efforts. This came on the heels of the George Floyd death, and it was one of the main reasons why the school had committed to “developing a new policy for inclusion in the Student Handbook that specifically addresses racial hate speech.”

There have been other progressive initiatives that the school has been undertaken by the school, including the scrapping of Columbus Day and replacing it with “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” and the school’s efforts to sponsor an “Alliance of White Antiracists.”

At least one alumnus has been disheartened by the changes.

“St. Albans used to have a simple honor code: Don’t lie, cheat, or steal,” the alumnus told the Free Beacon. “Everything else was adjudicated human-to-human. Now boys are being policed for humor and innocuous comments are subject to the highest form of punishment.”

This new policy from St. Albans is reminiscent of this uber-woke speech code that was implemented at the Grace Church School in NoHo, in which students are advised against using terms that the school considered to be “offensive” such as “Merry Christmas” and “mom and dad.” Huh? Yeah, you read that right. It’s official: the liberals have now gone completely nuts.



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