Like we always say, Democrats are hypocrites. Joe Biden himself just proved that with a 14-year-old video.

We all have witnessed how bad the situation in Afghanistan is up until now, from children forced to get married at a very young age, economic fall, and thousands of American and Afghan allies, trapped in the soil of Afghanistan under the hands of these Taliban.

But all these are hidden by the mainstream media from us, they do not want to think how incapable this old man in the White House is.

For the record, they are only good at manipulation and fraud as Biden allegedly won 81 million votes after campaigning from his basement is not only a disaster; he’s a liar and a fraud who exhibited absolute cowardice and incompetence in the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

Previously on September 28, 100% FedUp has reported that Joe Biden’s top generals, his Defense Secretary, and Joint Chiefs of Staff were placed in the hot seat before members of Congress, where they were asked to explain the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. The shocking mismanagement of the evacuation efforts led to the desertion of hundreds of Americans, thousands of Afghan allies who helped to fight the war on terror in Afghanistan, the deaths of 13 U.S. military members, and nine innocent people, including seven small children in a drone strike intended for terrorists.

An recently, Jesse Waters of Fox News have slammed the Biden administration with their reckless incompetence to leave the billions of dollars in military equipment behind in Afghanistan for Taliban terrorists.

Watch it here: Youtube/Fox News

And speaking of dangerous hypocrisy, Joe Biden’s 2007 video speaking to a small crowd in Winterset, Iowa during his campaign, reveals the truth about how Biden fully understood the serious ramifications of his actions when he withdrew out troops and left billions of dollars of military equipment behind for our enemies.

The way he talks to the people is creepy like he already knew he was going to do it someday, which just happened.

“If you leave those billions of dollars of weapons behind, I promise, they’re gonna be used against your grandchildren and mine!” – Joe Biden.

And Lara Logan from Fox Nation has explained the seriousness of Joe Biden leaving billions of dollars of U.S. military equipment behind for the Taliban in her statement, “This is much worse than anybody realizes and the U.S. has agreed to give all of that air force capability to the Taliban.”

That’s 7 Blackhawk helicopters, close air support, four special mission wing Mi-17s and that is the only tip of the Calvary Joe Biden left in Afghanistan.

Source: 100% Fed Up

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