ABC talk show “The View,” Co-host Joy Behar caught in a video defending Jeffrey Toobin on Monday morning’s episode. This is after Jeffrey Toobin got his job as a CNN legal analyst back last week following his masturbation scandal.

Behar didn’t think it was fair that CNN host Alisyn Camerota had to interview him after she quickly defends Toobin.

Here’s what Behar said:

“With all the men on CNN’s payroll, they had to give it to poor Alisyn Camerota. She didn’t deserve that. It was embarrassing and uncomfortable, and manipulative, I thought.”

On Friday, Camerota interviewed Toobin eight months after he was caught masturbating during a Zoom call with his “New Yorker” colleagues.

Here’s what Camerota said to Toobin at the start of the interview: 

“In October, you were on a Zoom call with your colleagues from the ‘New Yorker’ magazine.” Everyone took a break for several minutes, during which time you were caught masturbating on camera. You were subsequently fired from that job, after 27 years of working there. And you, since then, have been on leave from CNN.”

Toobin replied by saying that what he did was “deeply moronic and indefensible,” later adding that he hopes “to be a better person off-camera as well as on camera.”

This seemed to be enough to satisfy Behar.

“He said that he wants to be a better person. He’s working at a food bank. I don’t see the correlation between needing to engage Mr. Happy and being a bad person,” Behar said of Toobin. “I mean, maybe it causes blindness, but I don’t see how it causes you to be a bad person.”

Behar added that everyone would be considered a “bad person” for “doing what he was doing at home alone in their house,” adding, “He didn’t know the thing was running, of course, so we forgive him that.”

So, it’s okay to be a lecherous creep, lusting over the women you work with and wanking-off like a voyer pervert? Okay, Joy, good to know – very #MeToo of you.

“I’m not judging the guy, I mean it shows how boring these Zoom meetings are, that he couldn’t even wait between meetings to get himself involved with himself,” Behar continued, going on to call out other famous men who have gotten in trouble for masturbating in front of others without their consent.

So, now, according to Joy, this pervert traumatized his female co-workers because Zoom calls are “boring.”

“Does this mean that Al Franken — get him back into the Senate — let’s get him back because I don’t know what he did that is worse than any of this,” Behar concluded. “I really don’t understand the rules and regulations of this — What is accountable and what’s not accountable, frankly.”

These people don’t know what the “rules” are because they’re making this stuff up as they go.

Check out Behar’s full comments below:

Sources: WayneDupree

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