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Everyone likes to see a jihadist go bye bye. In a viral video, a French group attempts to blow up ISIS suicide bomber …after what looks like a few failed attempts, something unbelievable happens. BOOM! This is probably one of the most insane vehicle takedowns ever captured on camera. Check it out:

VIA| In the video you can see a car, presumably with a suicide bomber behind the wheel, driving toward the camera and a several blasts that seem to be missing the vehicle. Someone shouts, in what is believed to be Kurdish, subtitled “Prepare the Milan.”

After a couple of failed hits, a bright almost serene-looking flash of light is seen traveling toward the vehicle. This is most likely the Milan missile the man was commanding his team to prepare. As it travels it gets closer and closer to the vehicle then …  disappears, missing the shot completely.

Only seconds later a bright light races down from directly above the vehicle and … you guessed it, Boom! Probably one of the most insane vehicle takedowns ever captured on camera.  See the video below:

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