Houston looters wasted no time hitting stores during the disastrous flooding from hurricane Harvey.

Security footage has emerged of an unidentified Houston store being robbed by looters. A large group of people are seen entering the store. At one point it looks as though they’re trying to remove a safe from the store. Goes to show you, some people only care about themselves… even during a tragic time like this.

Houston looters

Watch the Houston looters below:

Gateway Pundit| As The Gateway Pundit reported Sunday, an eyewitness named Isabel Torres uploaded a video to Facebook which shows looters making away with televisions.

The video shows two males carrying televisions over their heads. It is not clear which store the goods were stolen from.

Thousands of people had to be saved from the flooding that was caused by hurricane Harvey. We’ve been seeing a ton of video capturing heroic citizens who selflessly went out into the flooded neighborhoods to save stranded people.

That’s what I love to see and want to believe that most citizens were thinking of others during this time. Not like these punks who are only worried about what they can gain from this natural disaster. It’s disgusting.

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