When white powder flew up in Dr. Fauci’s face while he was opening mail at his desk last summer, he was thrown in a kiddie pool and hosed down to his “skivvies.”

Although the powder tested negative for a lethal toxin, Fauci originally suspected it was ricin, which meant he was a “dead duck.”

According to a new book named “Nightmare Scenario” by Yasmeen Abutaleb and Damian Paletta of WaPo, Fauci was opening his mail on August 27, 2020 when a white powder flew up into his face.

In what appeared to be a kiddy pool, members of Fauci’s crew hosed him down in the chemical lab.

Fauci first told The New York Times about the poison concern in January, but he took out the part about getting hosed down naked. Fauci went on to say that he has no idea if former President Trump was aware of the occurrence and that he never informed anyone in the government about it.

During Trump’s administration, Fauci got death threats due to the ebbing pandemic, according to the book. He enraged Trump and his supporters by publicly disagreeing with the former president shortly after he spoke.

Based on Politico Playbook:

ANTHONY FAUCI was opening his mail at his desk Aug. 27 when white powder literally blew up in his face. According to a new book out Tuesday, previewed by Playbook, Fauci had three thoughts: It was a prank to scare him, anthrax that would make him seriously ill but which he could probably survive, or ricin — in which case he was a “dead duck.” Over the next few hours, his team hosed him down to his skivvies in a chemical lab, making him stand naked in what looked like a kiddy pool as they awaited the results of tests on the substance. He called his wife to warn her before breathing a sigh of relief a few hours later when the findings came back negative for both deadly substances.

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