Being at an age, Jon Voight – does not care about something at all and where you have no f*cks left to give bits of help. It takes a lot of courage to defend someone for anything even remotely conservative-adjacent in Hollywood. He disclosed a powerful testimony on how he’s dealt with the political views of the left in both Hollywood and the media – when he sat down with the well-known tumbler merchant, The Daily Wire.

The Academy Award-winning actor, Jon Voight was blindly following the path that society has set for him back in the 60s, way back before being red-pilled was a thing, here’s what he learned including the terrifying way history looks to be repeating itself.

According to Jon Voight on DailyWire reports:

[Marxists] don’t know how to govern. They’re just no good. If you look at what’s happening with Joe Biden today, he’s destroying our economy. We’re looking into inflation. Gas prices are going up. They’re not good at it. The only thing they’re good at is being destructive, as they showed themselves to be during President Trump’s four years. All they did was try to destroy this country and bring down a sitting president. Now you have Big Tech participating in it. Can you imagine this cancel culture canceling out the president of the United States?

It is obvious the people who supported Joe Biden think that there could be better than Marxism – well there’s none. Leftists must take their weakness and it is so terrible that the people who run Biden are trying to invade every institution we have such as Education, the Military, etc.

Expectation vs Reality – when people voted based on what “lies” they saw on social media. People are being misinformed about Joe Biden and aired being “moderate”, and because Biden wasn’t a meaniepants on Twitter, a lot of people believe in him – and now see for yourself. This is what likely to happen if we are thought differently from what the reality is.

We are not born yesterday, we must speak and let our voice out. We are still allowed to and it’s up to all of us to make sure people realize that.

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