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Poor Hillary..things just keep getting worse for her. She has been hiding deep in the shadows since her historic loss to the President-elect Donald Trump. Is it because she’s too sad to leave her house? Or because no one wants to be around her angry pouty self? That we don’t know. But we do know that there was a picture taken of her eating breakfast at a big table for 10, however there’s just one small problem…Do you see it?

VIA| Hillary Clinton was spotted out in public this week in one of her rare appearances since she lost the election.

The former presidential candidate was seen eating breakfast at the Mohonk Mountain House in upstate New York. In the photo, Clinton sits alone while gazing at her phone.

The shot was tweeted out by New York Times senior editor for politics Carolyn Ryan Wednesday afternoon.

Clinton has only made a handful of appearances since she lost to Donald Trump in November, including at a retirement ceremony for Harry Reid.

She referenced her monumental loss in a speech she gave at the event.

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