Honestly, we can’t blame people for going there….

A squad of heavily armed men went into his residence and murdered Haitian President Jovenel Mose.

Hillary Clinton lost her presidential campaign the same year Haitian President Jovenel Mose was elected – way back in 2016.

And tales of how she and her Clinton Foundation destroyed the little country and sucked it dry financially after the terrible earthquake in 2010 slowed down much of her campaign.

After people and a former senator called out the Clintons and their foundation for profiting millions off the devastating disaster, the Clintons have a shaming reputation in Haiti.

President Mose was Haiti’s “Trump.” Because he was a businessman rather than a politician, he had an adversary list similar to Trump’s.

Moiise went so far as to compare himself to Trump.

Last week, in an interview with the Reuters news agency, Moïse said, “President Trump and I are entrepreneurs, and all an entrepreneur wants is results, and therefore I hope we’ll put everything in place to make sure we deliver for our peoples.”

And now he’s no longer alive.

Given the Clintons’ shady historical involvement with Haiti, the assassination triggered a lot of online chatter about the “Clinton Body Count.”

Here are some of the comments on social media:

“Was he a ‘friend’ of HRC?………”

“Arkancide is rampant already this summer!!! SHEEEEESH!”

“We have a connection between the Clintons and the former Haitian President? Did not see that one coming”

“There’s a club of dead people who dared to expose the Clintons.”

“He got clintoned”

“Whack’d by Hillary”

“The president of Haiti didn’t kill himself…. (Hillary has no idea about any of this)”

The “Clinton Body Count” is one of those urban legends that will never die…for good cause…

Watch it here: Fox Business/Youtube

Sources: WayneDupree, APnews

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