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In a disturbing new story, a father’s friend snuck into his daughter’s room and brutally raped her. When he was finished, he proceeded to make his way into her sister’s room. That’s when this brave young girl sprung into action! Let’s just say the assailant wasn’t in good shape when he was done with him. Check it out!

VIA| In Horizon City, Texas, a man was found in a little girl’s bed suffering from stab wounds delivered by the little girl’s sister.

According to the El Paso Times, 20-year-old Joseph Hernandez was arrested after police responded to a call at approximately 4:50 a.m. Monday and was charged with sexual assault on a child under 17.

Hernandez entered the bedroom of the two girls and initially assaulted the girl who would later attack him, according to the report. Not knowing what else to do, she pretended to remain asleep until Hernandez had completed his assault.

When he finally stopped, she left the room to go to the bathroom. Upon her return, she discovered that Hernandez had turned to her sister and begun assaulting her.

She snapped. She produced a knife she had taken to defend herself in case he attacked her again and used it to defend her sister. She stabbed Hernandez multiple times.

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