Former Clinton Advisor Dick Morris: Bill “Omitted” Some Pretty Big Facts About Hillary

Dick Morris, a former Clinton advisor and big Donald Trump booster, said yesterday that there were a number of big things that Bill Clinton“omitted” in talking about Hillary Clinton‘s life story at the DNC this week.

Morris claimed that the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee claimed about her salary when she was the First Lady and that her husband’s “designated worrier” line was accurate because “she manifested that worry by stealing everything she could.”


Newsmax’s John Bachman asked Morris about Clinton’s connection to the New Haven Black Panther trials and whether she’s really a believer in far-left, even communist, ideology. Morris said, “She was clearly a leftist in love with that ideology.”

And on top of all that, he said Bill Clinton vastly overstated her legal career and all the work she’s done.

Watch above, via Newsmax.


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