I bet you also want answers, so am I… What happened after that phone call changes everything and it’s a bit strange.

What’s with that phone call anyways? And what is Fauci really up to?

Whatever he’s cooking right now, it’s up to no good for sure.

Now, House Republicans want to know why a top virologist named Kristian G. Andersen inexplicably reversed course shortly after stating he thought the coronavirus may have been engineered following a call with Dr. Fauci.

All thanks to a “mysterious” phone call, his reputation for sneakiness just hit its peak.

I have never seen a more sketchy and untrustworthy government stooge than that little worm.

According to BizpacReview reports:

Andersen originally emailed Fauci during the beginning of the pandemic telling him there was a good possibility the virus was engineered. Just days later, following a call with Fauci and other experts, Andersen called the idea of an engineered virus a “crackpot” theory. The email was part of a trove of correspondence connected to Dr. Fauce released in June. When queried on those emails, Fauci dismissed them as being taken out of context.

The email stated, “[O]ne has to look really closely at all the sequences to see that some of the features (potentially) look engineered . . . . Eddie [Holmes], Bob [Garry], Mike [Ferguson] and myself all find the genome inconsistent with evolutionary theory.”

Jim Jordan and Rep. James Comer want to know exactly why such a renowned expert would have this sudden and very drastic change of heart.

Seems odd, right?

The duo sent a letter to Andersen, who is a virologist at California’s prestigious Scripps Research Institute, asking exactly why that would happen.

Jordan also wants to know exactly what was discussed during the mysterious phone call and how that little chat may have changed his mind concerning COVID-19 and its origins.

Sounds like Faauci is doing “clean up” work, doesn’t it?

This guy has got to be a nervous wreck with everyone breathing down his neck – it’s a wonder he can even sleep at night.

And that’s a good thing…

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