Let’s face it, Hospital is a place where sick people are treated to heal from illness and diseases, but not this hospital.

In Suita, Japan, one hospital has been serving water that will cause its drinkers to get sick. Yes. You have read it right.

On October 20, 2021, Osaka University Hospital have announced and confessed that they had made a huge and risky mistake of accidentally and incorrectly connected pipes.

Shockingly, the well water was flowing to 120 faucets, which were used for drinking water, washing hands, and even gargling. The fault happened because of an error in connecting pipes when the hospital was constructed in 1993.

The report is a Japanese media outlet that said that no one flagged or even noticed the issue until the hospital management started construction of a new treatment plant. The problem of unsafe water was discovered during an inspection of the new building.

It was reported that around a decade ago in 2010, there was an incident where one of the patients had peed in their pants. A nurse gave them some wipes to clean up with before giving them a bed change and a new set of clothes. This confirms that the hospital has been serving toilet water on their drinking fountains. What a flavor.

The Hospital has deeply apologized for the crucial mistake that has been putting lives in danger by serving disgusting toilet waters for drinking.

The Hospital promised that they will do better from now on in order to ensure that something like this does not happen again. They are also looking into how the pipes became connected incorrectly so many years ago, but for now, they are just glad that the error has been discovered.

Source: American Web Media

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