When you hear stories about the news shutting people out, everyone thinks it just some big conspiracy. Now that Hillary has lost, she is being exposed. One MSNBC host tells how the Clinton campaign tried to have her fired.

VIA| This all came out on Morning Joe as they were discussing how the Clinton campaign and Hillary herself are blaming everyone but themselves for failing big time. Clinton is blaming ‘fake news’, the Comey Letter and the vast right wing conspiracy for her failed election bid. She has never once considered it might be because she is a) incompetent, b) corrupt and c) she just sucks as not only a candidate, but as a human being. Mika has also gone after Elizabeth Warren as a whiner. I’m beginning to warm to her more and more.

Going after Mika this way when she was a Clinton supporter is just unjustifiable. It’s petty and it is the hallmark of Clinton herself. Search out and destroy anyone who doesn’t bow before her and follow the Clinton edict. When Brzezinski hinted that Clinton didn’t have the presidential election in the bag as many thought, she was right on the money. For telling the brutal truth, Clinton tried to destroy her. That is what Hillary Clinton does every time she doesn’t approve of someone’s actions and it’s that kind of behavior that lost her the Presidency not once, but twice.

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