“Manipulation” – This is a common denominator of the Biden administration and Democratic cults alike.

Fauci’s new documentary from National Geographic says it all, lionizing political commentator and Biden regime medical advisor Anthony Fauci opened an abysmal reception from viewers on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

They already expected this FAUCI documentary thing won’t be sold out to the public, in fact, it has 2 out of 10 ratings on the Amazon-owned website.

So they used the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) to tweak the ratings to 5.8 to make it more appealing to the public.

It’s a clear example of how the elites are constantly lying to you.

The movie is also heavily criticized on Youtube and currently is has a staggering 120,000 dislikes and only 8,000 likes.

Watch it here: YouTube/National Geographic

They are trying to make this megalomaniac a hero. Sorry, we’re not buying it.

Just the News reported:

“Fauci,” from NatGeo and Magnolia Pictures, hit select theaters on Sept. 10 before getting a Disney+ release earlier this month. The documentary lets disparate figures like President George W. Bush, U2’s Bono, and Bill Gates praise the infectious disease specialist.

The studios failed to make the documentary’s box office figures available to film industry sites or JustTheNews.com. The vast majority of studios, large and small, routinely share that data, as NatGeo and Magnolia have done on previous releases.

Movie fans then noticed RottenTomatoes.com, arguably the biggest review aggregator site on the web, didn’t initially feature any “audience” reviews of the film.

Mainstream film critics saluted “Fauci,” although most admitted the film served up a hagiography of the 80-year-old bureaucrat. Once audiences started weighing in on the film at Rotten Tomatoes, though, the results were withering. Professional critics gave “Fauci” a 92% “fresh” score, while audiences gave it just a 2% — or “rotten” — rating.

A similar pattern emerged at IMDB.com, a major film and TV reference destination. “Fauci’s” audience rating, on a scale from 1-10, hovered around 1.8. This week, however, the site altered its review algorithm. Now, the audience review tally is a more robust 5.8.

A quick glimpse at the review breakdown, provided by the site, shows the overwhelming number of audience critics gave the film a one-star rating.”

Recently, the site has now featured this explanation, “OTE: Our rating mechanism has detected unusual voting activity on this title. To preserve the reliability of our rating system, an alternate weighting calculation has been applied.”

Sources: The Gateway Pundit, Just the News

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