The Biden administration is now mandating Americans to wear masks again without any concrete reason as to why they re-implement this policy.

For the people to agree to take the vaccine the CDC said before that they will allow them to go outside without wearing masks on provided that they’re already fully vaccinated, but with this new Delta variant they are now tightened back up and now telling people that regardless of being vaccinated or not they should wear the mask all the time.

Dan Crenshaw revealed the truth about this whole thing that the CDC is saying. He said that the CDC believes is only a single study from India which was rejected in a later peer review.

Below is the statement that Crenshaw said:

“Here’s the truth America:

The “game-changer” data the CDC used for the mask mandate is from a single study from India.

The study was rejected in peer review.

But CDC used it anyway.

Then Research Square changed the status to “revise” and said it was a glitch.

Even worse, the study followed healthcare workers vaccinated with a vaccine not allowed in the US.

Does the Administration have any more data to show us?

No, according to the latest from STAT

This is why we’ve lost trust in our public health officials.”

Wow. What an amazing study right?
And Kevin McCarthy is already putting them on blast for this huge mess-up.

Business Standard also reported:

A top Republican leader has slammed the ruling Democratic Party and the Center for Disease Prevention and Control for reimposing a mask mandate for vaccinated people in certain circumstances, alleging that the latest regulation is based on data from India.

Congressman Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader, was speaking against a bill that proposed to reinstitute a mask mandate in the House of Representatives.

He alleged that the latest recommendations by the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) are based on a report that has not been reported yet.

The Republican leader, however, did not specify the report.

Referring to a conversation he had with a House doctor, McCarthy said that the report was based upon India about a vaccine that is not approved in America.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slammed the opposition leader and described him as a moron.

However, McCarthy asserted that the Indian report did not even pass peer review.

Many of the Americans were not aware that this whole thing the government is implementing is a big fake study and many would choose to believe what the government spoon-feeds them without trying to know the whole truth. A sad reality.

Sources: Wayne Dupree, Business Standard

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