For about the past year and change, there have been a lot of people that haven’t come to work. Oh sure, they have still gotten the job done quite well. They have just done it in a spare room that is now their office. Shows how inventive some people can be.

You don’t always need to come to work in order to get the job done. For years, I have been able to do my job from wherever I would be able to find an internet connection. Once, when on a three-hour layover for a flight that was overbooked, I was able to get something done that I needed an hour and a half to get accomplished. It’s great, and I didn’t have to even be near my office at home.

Now, there are some people that are afraid to come into work that has nothing to do with worrying about being sick or having the ability to travel. It’s because they’re worried about being sexually harassed. By a governor…

There’s good news and bad news with this whole Cuomo thing. The bad news is that Andrew Cuomo had such a large group of aides who he could, and did, sexually harass. But the good news is that he does not have nearly as many to harass now, since most don’t even go to work anymore.

The NY State capitol appears to be practically empty as Maxine Waters’ cranium. Cuomo may not have given up but most of his appointees have.

Between sexual harassment and killing off seniors in nursing homes, his people are disgusted.

A “well-placed insider in touch with staffers in recent days said:

“I hear that most people aren’t even coming into work, and the offices at the Capitol are empty.”

“He’ll fight and fight and fight, but the staffers I’ve talked to are ready for him to hang up the gloves. Everyone feels like there is an inevitable conclusion — I mean at some point will Biden call on him to step down? They [staffers] just want this torture to stop.”

An ex-aide said:

“I feel a level of rage toward this fake tough guy. The guy thinks he’s the toughest, the hardest working, he’s the smartest. The truth is, he’s anything but. He’s the weakest, he’s the dumbest, and he’s the most shallow of them all. He is genuinely a very small man who pretends to be big.”

“There’s a deep sense within the governor’s staff that he is guilty of everything, and that is weighing on people. He had that conversation with Charlotte Bennett. Everyone knows that. Everyone believes that full stop and there’s not a single person who believes she’s telling a word that’s off.”

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