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The thing that many people do not understand about the police right now is that their job is more dangerous than ever.

Sure, there are the ones that put the cops in a bad light but at the end of the day, you have ones that are honestly just trying to do their job and be fair to everyone.

I cannot imagine there are too many jobs right now where there is a good chance you will leave home knowing you might be clocking out on your way to the hospital.

The other day we told you about the BLM mob in Minneapolis looting several stores in the city after a man committed suicide, but false reports were spread that the man was killed by a cop.

During the unrest a police officer was injured after looters hurled a metal trash can lid and hit the officer right in the neck:

The officer falls to the ground injured as the crowd cheers, and other officers quickly intervene to protect him. It’s another horrible scene that the mainstream media calls ‘peaceful protests’.

Here’s more on the attack from TMZ:

A Minneapolis cop is recovering after he was knocked down to the ground when an apparent looter threw a garbage can lid … hitting the cop squarely in the neck.

The incident went down Wednesday night as people flooded the streets following a false report of a fatal police shooting of a Black man … and just 3 months after George Floyd died there.

Check out the video — which was broadcast on Facebook Live — showing apparent looters making their way inside a Walgreens as a wave of others floods the streets. You see a cop calmly walking back to his patrol unit when, out of nowhere, a garbage can lid strikes him on his neck … knocking him down. He radios for help and a couple cops show up to provide aid.

A police spokesperson said the cop suffered non-life-threatening injuries. The trouble started after false rumors quickly spread about cops fatally shooting a Black man. The Minneapolis PD tweeted — and then deleted — video they say shows a murder suspect turning the gun on himself as cops closed in on him. The tweet included, “No officer weapons were fired. This is a tragedy for our community that is still hurting.”

What’s hideous is that this anti-cop thug is being praised for having a ‘Captain America’ like throw from other leftists who apparently are cheering along with the crowd.

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