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Mainstream media would have Americans believe that the majority of the country is in favor of removing Confederate Monuments, that would be a bold faced lie though wouldn’t it?

Charlottesville, Virginia sliced open old wounds the country has never really healed from but the wounds may not go as deep as democrats portray them to be. This past week has shown that there’s and always will be a difference of opinion regarding the Civil war as several historical figures were vandalized in the name of protest. Mainstream media continues its coverage of the event by blaming racism and offensive images but refuse to research the topic properly.

A recent poll conducted by PBS shows that the majority of the country does NOT believe Confederate Monuments need to be removed and in fact the only citizens who are offended are those who buy into liberal propaganda.

Via Conservative Tribune:

While the left — with help from the media — would have you believe that virtually everybody in the country wants to see the Confederate statues taken down, or at least moved to a museum or some other site, a recent poll from Marist, NPR and PBS NewsHour and would seem to suggest otherwise.

The August 2017 Marist poll asked “Do you think statues honoring leaders of the Confederacy should: Remain as a historical symbol, Be removed because they are offensive, or are Unsure.”

Confederate Monuments

Far from the impression that media has provided, 62 percent of adults think the statues should remain, while only 27 percent think they should be removed and 11 percent remained unsure on the topic.

Digging deeper into those numbers, we find that among those who profess themselves to be “Liberal-Very Liberal,” 31 percent think the statues should remain and 57 percent think they should go. Self-professed “Moderates” favor the statues remaining 67-24 percent, and “Conservative-Very Conservative” favor keeping the monuments by 81-13 percent.

Perhaps even more interesting, and certainly not something you’ll see PBS investigating any further, is the fact that 44 percent of black respondents favored keeping the statues while only 40 percent wanted them removed and 16 percent were unsure. Whites and Latinos responded with near equal numbers, about two-thirds favoring keeping the statues and a quarter favoring their removal.

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