The event is held Thursday night at the National Press Club in Washington. It was created and is being hosted by grass-roots Donald Trump supporters. There are 1,000 guests and they’re ready to party. Well naturally CNN asked to cover the even and they got what they deserved! BOOM!! You gotta see this!

VIA|They took their name from Hillary Clinton’s description of “half” of Donald Trump’s supporters as being a “basket of deplorables.”

So naturally, it’s something the liberal media would want to cover. The organizers aren’t afraid of the press. They granted press passes to plenty of news organizations. But there’s one organization that’s persona non grata: CNN.

When the cable news network (the same one that promoted the false story about Trump’s link to Russia) asked for passes to cover the event, the organizers’ response was epic:

“Dear CNN,” they wrote.

“We’re hosting the Deploraball at the Press Club because we support quality journalism. We sincerely want to rebuild trust with the media. Unfortunately, we feel your coverage during the election was biased to the point of being irresponsible. We question your integrity as an institution of journalism. Therefore, we will not be issuing you press passes.

“Please note that this is not a partisan issue. We have issued passes to journalists from the New Yorker, New York Magazine, FOX and others. We simply want to be covered fairly and have on confidence that you would do so.”

Looks like you can catch your coverage of the “DeploraBall” on another network tonight!

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