Don Lemon, a CNN activist and host, slammed parents who oppose the teaching of Critical Race Theory, telling them to quit “making it about you” when it comes to their children’s education.

Lemon, of course, has no children — only big ideas about what should be taught to yours.

The two hosts briefly acknowledged the significance of the newly declared Juneteenth holiday during the handoff from Cuomo’s “Prime Time” to “Don Lemon Tonight” on Thursday night.

According to Lemon, “That’s the whole thing about white privilege, people don’t like to have their pleasure interrupted, their peace interrupted. And so, people think that it should be the way it should be because they have been taught that in this country.”

The fundamental argument against critical race theory, which has been popularized by right-wing figures such as Tucker Carlson, is that educating about how white Americans benefited from the work of black enslaved people makes white people feel awful about themselves.

That didn’t sit well with Lemon and Cuomo.

“But, you know, telling people, having people come to the realization, especially ancestors [descendants] of slaves, that they were enslaved, and that they were beaten and they were sold, that they weren’t able

to accrue wealth, they weren’t able to go to school, weren’t able to go vote … you think that makes them feel good?” Lemon continued.

Lemon also added, “So, the folks on the other side, stop making it about you. Be curious instead of judgmental, that’s all.”

Divisive Marxist teachings that seek to demonize white people, particularly white men and boys, in public schools, have been revolting against by the Parents across the nation.


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