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Coalition of Black Pastors Speak Out Against Race Baiters, Asks Black Leaders To STOP ‘Pushing Division Among People of Color for Political Expediency”

Finally, a coalition of black pastors is unveiling its agenda and addressing what it calls “the current sabotage that is inspiring civil unrest against the new president.” The group is pressing toward an 'MLK type movement' among the black communities, and it is catching on. The group even plans to meet with Al Sharpton to “discuss critical issues related to the future of the African American community.” This is huge, and absolutely what our country needs at this time!
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‘Fixer Upper’ Gave War Veteran And His Wife Dream Home—Then He Got Gut-Wrenching News About His Beloved Wife

We just love chip and Joanna Gaines. They are what real christians folks look like. They stand up for GOD and we love that about the show. In a recent episode, the gracious couple along with The Robert Griffin III Foundation, renovated a home for an old war vet and his wife. The country immediately fell in love. In a tragic turn of events, the veteran made an announcement that will crush everyone who got to know the lovely couple. Prayers go out to the Graham family.
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97-Yr Old Veteran Lets The Obamas Have It In This Epic Letter That’s Going Viral

Barack Hussein Obama has made his contempt for our military crystal clear over the last 8 years. From closing down the World War II memorial, to turning his back on our men and women dying at VA facilities all across the country as his admin takes focus on taking in hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees. The man is sick, and his hateful American-hating antics truly knows no boundaries.