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Illegal Immigration

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BREAKING: German Police Call For The Deportation Of ALL Illegal Immigrants

Luckily in America..the election was just in time to swear in a man that will protect us from radical Islam; ALL ILLEGALS for that matter. Just imagine the nightmare if Hillary and Obama were to take in more 'refugees' over the next 4-8 years..just where would we be? It is horrifying to think about, especially after hearing the news Germany is in a state of emergency, as Illegals have officially taken over. This is what happens when libs take over a country. Told you so!
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Sheriff Has Had Enough! Goes On ‘Live’ TV To Expose Obama- ‘He Is Telling Illegals How To Get In The U.S.’

In a story you may think would be fake (but sadly it's not..check for yourself) a Sheriff is exposing Obama for making some pretty sickening changes to the border patrol webpage, literally listing places where border patrol agents are NOT allowed to go. As he takes his last steps out of the White House.. he will be known for his treasonous acts against this country. SHAME ON HIM!
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Liberals Get A Huge Slap In The Face As Mexico States: ‘We Are Ready To Talk About Building The Wall’

Libs think it's hilarious that Trump even suggests that the Wall will be built, and that Mexico will help pay for it. They have a field day making memes that mock the President-elect in his efforts. Well they are about to eat their words after a bombshell report reveals Trump may be right after all. Apparently Mexico has a new foreign relations secretary, and he is evidently open for negotiations.