When Hillary Clinton ran in 2016 against Donald Trump, it seemed that there were people who would vote for her no matter what.

The fact that she was a woman should not be an automatic pass to getting elected. I always assumed it was supposed to be about who was the best person for the job.

Which is while it is commendable that Joe Biden is trying to find someone that’s a woman as his running mate, it doesn’t mean they are going to be any damn good.

In 1984, I mean 2020, the ultimate act of being ‘woke’ and honoring the principle of ‘equality’ is selecting people for jobs based on their sex organs and the amount of melanin in their skin.  That is, as far as I can tell, from the leaders of the Democratic Party’s actions.

As if that were not ironic enough, the Democrats are seeking to drive Trump from office using the 25th Amendment (which states that a President can be removed from office if his cabinet vote that he/she is mentally unfit) with Joe Biden, a man, who clearly, IMHO, is suffering from some sort of … ‘you know, the thing’ (cognitive decline.)

One could not make up a more absurd story if they had a gun to their head, yet here we are.

To prove just how ‘woke’ ‘Sleepy’ Joe Biden is, he has promised to pick a Vice Presidential candidate who has female sex organs.  That is his #1 requirement for the job. Not that Joe and his #2 are on the same page on foreign policy, not that that they agree on domestic policy, but rather that they have a vagina.  I suppose that does make sense on some level, seeing as this is Jooe Biden we are talking about here.

After months of hiding God knows where, ‘Sleepy’ Joe has announced his short list for the leading lady he will ask to be his running mate.

There has been no statement from the campaign on whether or not they will need to pass a ‘casting couch’ style interview.  (Dear outrage mob, that is not a joke implying that women are not capable of representing us in office, it is a joke about Joe Biden not being able to control his hands around women and children and his history of abusing his power, both sexual and otherwise: see Ukraine)

So who made the list?

According to The Gateway Pundit:

Rep. Val Demings (D-FL),

Senator Liz Warren,

compulsive liar Susan Rice,

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms,

Kamala Harris

Crazed New Mexico Governor Michelle Grisham.

The real news, in my mind at least, is who did NOT make this short list of six.

I’m sure you remember Ms. Never Give Up, even after you have clearly lost, Stacey Abrams…

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