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Let’s start by sending prayers to the men in uniform who lost their lives in this horrific accident. Investigators are still working to determine what went wrong, and how an Apache helicopter blew up in mid air. Check it out:

VIA| Apparently an Apache helicopter exploded and crashed into Galveston Bay, Texas today on a routine flight. The Army is saying this helicopter went down and two people died, but that’s it… investigation ongoing.

Via RT:

According to the Associated Press, witnesses said that the aircraft was flying unusually low and broke apart in the air.

Eyewitness photos from Heliweb also show parts of the helicopter’s main rotor hub and blades, which “impacted the ground and came to rest on the ground close to the water where the helicopter sat almost fully submerged upside down in Galveston Bay with just its landing gear visible above the surface.

What do you think happened? How often do Apaches blow up mid-air?

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