Well, no wonder why more Americans are leery to take these vaccines, find out why!

Big Pharma companies have been giving us so-called motivational speeches as to why should we be vaccinated as they say, ‘Take the vaccine and live a normal life again…’

Then, Pfizer claims that science is always at your back, we are still not 100% into these vaccines.

But what’s happening right now is a total disaster…

Even though you are already vaccinated, you still have to take boosters and wear tight choking masks and keep your distance, and the majority of new covid patients are among the vaccinated people. Wait, what??

Recently, Moderna has unveiled a deadly side effect of these vaccines, and literally, you are going to choose between getting died through covid, or vaccine.

If you haven’t heard of myocarditis, it is a heart inflammation for men under age 30. Moderna still says the risk of myocarditis is far outweighed by the risk of death by the COVID virus.

Dr. Paul Burton, Chief Medical Officer for Moderna has confirmed that their vaccines have relatively higher problems compared to Pfizer’s or BioNTech.

“While I think health authorities are carefully assessing the data, being appropriately cautious, you can see that they continue to recommend the use of the mRNA-1273 Moderna vaccine. We believe that the balance of benefit and risk is extremely positive.” Dr. Burton said.

Notably, Testosterone and the vaccine are clashing for some reason and that scientists still can’t prove anything yet but Moderna is known to be using a higher dose of mRNA compared to Pfizer.

“I do think this hypothesis of testosterone is important. We know that there is indeed some inflammation associated with testosterone. … We do have in the primary series, as you know, 100 micrograms of mRNA, so we have slightly higher levels of spike protein, and that could be a contributing factor as well.” Dr. Burton Added.

Have you taken your vaccines now?

Source: New Hours First

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