We have been following Jen Psaki since she was placed as White House’s Spokesperson. She is Biden’s first line of defense, so she’ll do everything to protect Biden’s image – twisting every story and lied to our face even it was pretty obvious.

Now, Psaki’s lastest twisted lie proves what she’s capable of doing just to save tyrant Biden’s public image. She’s becoming dangerous to the public eye,  the scale of her false statements surrounding inflation is not just totally false.

Well, I do not really expect Psaki to understand how Biden’s policies are driving massive price increases; nor do I expect Psaki to understand economics and inflationary impacts.

During her press briefing today, Jen Psaki outlined the White House perspective on inflation, and specifically, the Fed claims surrounding “transitory inflation.” Following the release of the consumer price index [SEE table 2].

Psaki referenced people comparing the prices of 2021 consumable goods to 2020 and 2019 during her statements today.  Within the statements, the scale of falsity is off the charts.  Watch the video below.

Watch it here: FactbaseVideos/Youtube

It’s funny because during her three-minute verbal exchange none of which is accurate.

Fast turn consumable goods, groceries, etc., did not drop in 2020 during the first year of the pandemic.  Factually, all goods but especially consumable goods increased in price throughout the pandemic, because demand actually increased and the supply chains were unable to keep up.

Excerpt from The Conservative Tree House reports:

Example.  A loaf of bread at $2.50 in 2019, climbed to $3.00 in 2020.  That price jumped again to $3.75 this year (2021) and will likely continue rising as monetary policy-driven inflation continues devaluing our currency.

Even if, as Psaki claims, inflation slows down  (not likely) – “decelerating inflation” does not mean declining prices; it means a slower rate of the price increase.   Stuff still costs more, it just costs more at a slower rate.  Consumable goods will cost more in 2022 than they do this year.  The 2022 loaf of bread is likely to climb to $4.00; it will never return to the 2019 price of $2.50 because the dollar is worthless.

Ask the White House: Why did Joe Biden increase food assistance benefits by 25% if inflation was transitory?

[The Consumer Price Index was released today.  The producer price index for Sept will be released tomorrow]

This massive inflation is a direct result of the multinational agenda of the Biden administration in combination with the spending spree.  Inflation is a feature not a flaw, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with COVID. The first group to admit what was obvious were banks, specifically Bank of America, because the monetary policy is the primary cause.

You might remember, when President Trump initiated tariffs against China (steel, aluminum and more), Southeast Asia (product specific), Europe (steel, aluminum and direct products), Canada (steel, aluminum, lumber and dairy specifics), the financial pundits screamed at the top of their lungs that consumer prices were going to skyrocket. They didn’t. CTH knew they wouldn’t because essentially those trading partners responded in the exact same way the U.S. did decades ago when the import/export dynamic was reversed.

Trump’s massive, and in some instances targeted, import tariffs against China, SE Asia, Canada and the EU not only did not increase prices, the prices of the goods in the U.S. actually dropped. Trump’s policies led the largest deflation in consumer prices in decades. At the same time, Trump’s domestic economic policies drove employment and wages higher than any time in the past forty years.

With Donald Trump’s policies, we were in an era where job growth was strong, wages were rising and consumer prices were falling.  The net result was more disposable income for the middle class, more demand for stuff, and ultimately that’s why the U.S. economy was so strong.

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