Jen Psaki, Biden’s press secretary, skated around the topic of whether Biden will look into the origins of COVID-19 during a press briefing at the White House.

In the end, Biden isn’t going to bite the hand that feeds his family. Because he is in bed with China, he does not want to push or lead anything related to the coronavirus origin. It’s no secret that his son and his family have benefited from their ties with China, and it’s widely documented.

Biden is also aware that the United States was sponsoring the virus’s development. Our earlier report explains how the National Institutes of Health (NIH) finance research. The media is finally reporting on the Wuhan Lab as more information about the coronavirus’s origins becomes available. This might be disastrous for Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has repeatedly lied about his role in SARS-like viral gain of function studies.


Signs of abuse can be seen by anyone who has been abused: Joe Biden is a narcissistic gaslighter who blames his mistreatment on others, including his victims. Throughout his 50-year career, it is clear that he is happiest when he is towing the party line while also lying. He was most in love with himself until his mind turned to Jell-O when he realized he had convincingly told a falsehood that his political managers had directed him to tell. He reached the peak of this when, among other things, he openly encouraged the well-documented and well-known extermination of millions of people in China. Below, we dissect his disarming communist apologetic.

Joe Biden made multiple gaffes and outrageous comments during a CNN Townhall that almost no one watched. But one sentence stands out above the rest and should be shared with every Western citizen. This is how it starts:

“Ya know, Chinese leaders–if you know anything about Chinese history–it has always been a time when China has been victimized by the outer world is when they haven’t been united at home.”

What’s up with that?

Let’s dissect this absurd statement before moving on to the next round of ridiculous assertions.

Joe Biden is being as casual as possible in this opening, ya know? He understands he can’t compose himself physically, intellectually, or vocally for a strong formal monologue of any kind because he’s mostly senile. As a result, this is his attempt to charm himself to you while making the knowledge he needs to appear effortless to him because he is such a learned scholar.

Joe Biden, in fact, has no recollection of what he ate for breakfast this morning. Anyone who listens to this can see that CCP President Xi of China had a long-planned conversation with Biden. Biden is clearly repeating what Xi has said to him. Nothing in Biden’s political career would encourage one to conclude that he currently comprehends the complexity of Chinese history.

The following section of the statement delves into Biden’s long history of using condescension and selfishness to silence better dissenting voices. He attempts to lecture you and make you feel insignificant in comparison to him. Because he is so smart, you would automatically agree with him if he said, “If you knew anything.”

Something is wrong here, and your body senses it with every ounce of its being. He is well aware of this, so now comes the true gaslighting. As he asserts that a blatantly false anti-American remark that should shock any critically thinking mind has “always been.”

China is a pitiful “victim…of the outside world.” We’re supposed to presume that the outer globe encompasses the Middle East and the West, which includes America. So, what Joe Biden is actually attempting to tell Americans is that authoritarian China has been oppressed by bad Western forces who have forced them to become disunited, forcing them to perpetrate mass atrocities.

“Tightly controlled China” refers to a China that lacks real private property, a sense of individuality, free and fair elections, or privacy, and in which the government controls virtually everything people do and maintains a genuinely terrifying social credit score on each and every one of its citizens. He uses the word “united” to try to make this seem acceptable and related to the word “united” in the Western sense. It isn’t the case. He also uses victim blaming here, implying that it is Taiwan’s fault for being adamant about being sovereign, rather than China’s desire to colonize it as part of its One Belt One Road Great Reset program.

What is happening in Hong Kong is the Chinese Communist Party’s elimination of sovereignty, elections, culture, and the rule of law. People have been disappearing, killed, or imprisoned for years as the cancer of Chinese authoritarianism spreads after Britain relinquishes Hong Kong. They have a ‘great firewall’ that prohibits non-propagandized state media from entering and departing the country for the majority of people, which globalists and Big Tech are openly adopting in the West right now.

People in Hong Kong considered Donald Trump, who was critical of China, as their final hope, and rallied in his support at tremendous personal danger during his presidency. China’s Hitlerian crackdowns have accelerated in the last year or two, and Hong Kong has no hope now that Trump is gone. All Hong Kong politicians are now CCP stooges. Hong Kong residents despise China. And with good reason. They have annihilated Hong Kong’s once-thriving society, which is now under communist rule.

Biden, on the other hand, is unconcerned. In less than a breath, he rejects everything.

In less than a breath, Biden dismisses the live organ harvesting, genocide, and reeducation camps of millions of Uyghurs and others in China for thought crimes.

Biden similarly dismisses Taiwan as a whole (much like the other Chinese puppet, WHO, who also denies Taiwan as a country on behalf of China), despite China’s open determination to occupy and overturn it, as it has done with Hong Kong.

What does Joe Biden think about CCP President XI Jinping as a result of his atrocities?

“He gets it. Culturally there are different norms that each country and their leaders are expected to follow.”

Xi Jinping’s CCP, according to Joe Biden, understands things at a level that only elites can. Genocide, tyranny, the occupation of entire countries such as Hong Kong, the harvesting of living human organs, and the denial of statehood to countries such as Taiwan are all cultural differences! These are, of course, in addition to the trillions of dollars in stolen intellectual property that has drained our technology and research, as well as our top-secret projects and institutions and colleges, which are constantly targeted by Chinese spies.

Democrats, like authoritarian tyrants, are a projection-based party. What they accuse you of is exactly what they are doing. They admire dictators because they aspire to be dictators themselves.

And keep in mind that he has somehow presented the Chinese Communist Party as victims throughout everything! Repeat the tape until you hear his awful totalitarian communist apologia.

Joe Biden is a senile puppet who will utter whatever his masters command. He may not realize it, but he is aware that he has been put into his final resting place of power and wealth. He’ll say anything to keep it, and he’ll do anything he can to keep it.

Does this seem like a man with AmeriCorps?

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