It almost sounds like a joke: ‘Dude gets jailed for a year for leaving a bacon sandwich outside of a mosque.’ But that isn’t where it stops.

Looks like Muslims in prison heard about his crime…and here’s what they did to him. Religion of peace, huh? This is murder by the state.

VIA| Leaving bacon outside a mosque is a criminal offense in Western countries? That is Islamic law — that is the sharia. This man was jailed for it and died in prison.

There is no doubt in my mind he was killed by Muslim prisoners enforcing the sharia in prison — death for anyone who insults or criticizes Islam.

Prisons are hotbeds of jihad recruitment and activity.

This man should have been kept separate from the Muslim population.

Millions oppressed, subjugated in the cause of Islam but we are not allowed to criticize it or oppose it.

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