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As the regular NFL season kicks off, only one player has decided to sit for the anthem but what these vets have to say just might change his mind.

Cornerback Marcus Peters of the Kansas City Chiefs was the only player of the night from both the Chiefs and the Patriots to sit down during the national anthem. Before the game he tweeted a picture of himself holding up red and white cleats that said “liberty and justice for all” on the sole’s. Two veterans have a message about where that liberty and justice came from.

IJR| Josh Ghering served in the Marine Corps for 12 years, serving two deployments to Iraq and one to Afghanistan. With a break in between deployments, he served as a drill instructor for three years.

When Independent Journal Review asked how he felt seeing players protest the flag he fought to protect, Ghering responded:vets on anthem protest

“I didn’t see that as a sign of disrespect to me. I saw that as a sign of disrespect to my predecessors and to my brothers and sisters that came home in a flag draped coffin from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I respect his right to free speech, but I don’t agree/approve of what he is doing.

The NFL is a professional sport and just like the rest of the sports I expect players to leave controversial attention off the field. If they speak about something controversial I would expect a coach, general manager, owner of the team, or the commissioner to take action. It’s bad for business and they need to have a back bone to squash controversy.”

Steve B. – C Co. & HHC 2nd Ranger Battalion, 12 years of law enforcement: Patrol, SWAT.

As IJR previously reported, when Steve was asked how he would handle the situation of players protesting the vets on anthem protestnational anthem, he responded:

“I would make each one of the disrespectful players participate in a police academy session with role players and simulation weapons. I would have them all meet with Gold Star families.

I would tell them how their uneducated and disrespectful actions, particularly in a time of war, give aid and comfort and encouragement to our enemies.

I would specifically call Kaepernick out for his lack of truthful information, his lack of taking action (you don’t see him patrolling Chicago), and that this is just a manipulative attempt to stay relevant, create drama and claim he is a victim.”

Woah… These guys hit the nail on the head! This. All of this is why so many find this type of “protest” disrespectful. The national anthem has absolutely nothing to do with black men being killed by cops. The national anthem has everything to do with the men and women who lay down their lives for our country and the very freedom we have to speak freely.

These men and women deserve our respect. The families who are without a mother or a father or a brother or a sister etc. because they returned home in a flag draped casket deserve our respect! Share this if you agree!

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