Well, at this point Lisa Murkowski is just better off retiring because the numbers look so bad for her…

She just digs her own grave…. and this is the start of a total collapse of her political ambitions.

With numbers like this? I doubt and I’m pretty sure that there’s no coming back.

I can finally say, Lisa Murkowski has reached the very end of her political rope.

During the second impeachment sham, Lisa voted to convict President Trump and since then she’s been on a downward spiral, well, at a brisk rate, it’s been a petty steady decline but the bottom has completely fallen out right now.

According to Breitbart report:

 Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s favorability rating with her own state’s Republicans has plummeted to (the following is not a typo) six percent. Six! Her unfavorable rating with Alaska’s Republicans is a whopping 84 percent.

Overall, 59 percent of Alaskans are unfavorable towards Murkowski, while only 26 percent are favorable.

The worse news for her is with independents. A majority of 52 percent of independents hold an unfavorable view of her, while only 32 percent say favorable. Alaska’s independents tend to lean conservative.

The pollster, Change Research, adds that “By contrast, 85% of Republicans view former President Trump favorably.”

What? Six percent favorables?

Good Lord…

You just really can’t come back from these are numbers

This is great news for us – now we can flip that seat and get a strong Trump-supporting America First Senator in DC representing the great state of Alaska.

One RINO down, so many more to go…keep fighting, we’re going to win.

Sources: Waynedupree, Breitbart, Lifezette

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