Dems thought of everything… No more weak leadership this coming 2024, we want our Great America again.  

No matter who the Republicans will nominate, they will definitely win against Joe Biden – I mean, Americans had enough of this weak leadership.

The Afghanistan disaster and his podium image, Biden really caused a permanent mark on his political career. But, the Dems know that even long before they nominated him, and they still want to fulfill their political goals even if they have to put the Americans in danger.

Biden will definitely face the full wrath in the 2024 election from the voters of past, present, and future woes because there won’t be a trumped-up virus to hide behind or a basement to hide in, and because the Dems aren’t willing to pass through it, especially after the loss of Congress in 2022.

Also, the Dems won’t have Trump as an opponent. The analyst believes that Trump won’t run in 2024. After that, Harris enters as a President. – That’s the plan.

If this turns out to be accurate, then the recent events modified the timetable. Biden’s campaign was supposed to protect him from the public meltdown he had because of Afghanistan. He can’t hide now!

And if that is the plan, Biden is aware of that, and he will resign the following spring. If not, then there would probably be Team Biden pushbacks directed at Team Obama/Harris. If Harris uses the 25th, he will be hurt. However, there is a DC rumor that Harris’ veep pick is Michelle Obama.

Or, because Kamal’s poll numbers are almost as dismal as Joe’s, might this be the Democrats’ “ace” under their sleeve?

Biden’s mental condition is obvious, no doubt even to his own Cabinet. In trying to fight the 25th he’d probably just prove how bad off he is. If the wheels are in motion now, Jill Biden is absolutely part of it and, as a payoff, will get a Cabinet slot in the Harris administration. Yes, I know, positively medieval. Or, perhaps more War of the Roses. Thus, which way will the dukes jump?

Austin, Blinken, Garland, Haaland, Raimondo, Fudge, Granholm, and Harris will be for removal. The rest are on the fence or leaning towards Biden for the sake of stability and also to protect their own interests in 2024. The Democrat goal is to put into place the ultimate affirmation action hire. Harris was put on the ticket only based on her gender and race. She may ascend to the big job only based on that as well.

Sources: Waynedupree, Uelresins, Thetruereporter

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