Through their viewers, Fox News is skating on thin ice.

This has been the case for some time, but the cable news behemoth sealed their fate on election night 2020 and beyond.

For a long time, the #NeverTrump voices on Fox News were among the loudest, but that has been changing recently.

Leland Vittert, an insufferable anti-Trump big mouth who was taken off the air after he literally “laughed” in the face of a Trump official as she was debating the catastrophic 2020 sham election, was just given his walking papers.

After President Trump (and his supporters) objected, Leland was taken off the air, and he was never seen again.

Another NeverTrumper has been kicked out of the party… This one is particularly difficult.

According to Variety, Jedediah Bila, a libertarian-leaning anchor who was once a co-host on ABC’s “The View,” is quitting the weekend edition of “Fox & Friends,” as reported by the anchor and the network on Friday.

Fox News said in a statement,“We have mutually and amicably parted ways with Jedediah Bila and wish her all the best,”  “The new co-host of ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ will be named soon.”

On Saturday, Emily Compagno, a co-host of the weekday show “Outnumbered,” will take Bila’s place.

People had previously announced her departure.

After a stint on “The View,” Bila returned to Fox News Channel as a contributor in 2018. She joined Fox News as a guest in 2013, and has since appeared on shows including “Outnumbered” and “The Five.” She had previously worked as a high school academic dean and Spanish teacher at a private New York City school, as well as teaching students in middle school, high school, and college. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Wagner College and a master’s degree from Columbia University.

She has appeared on “Fox & Friends Weekend” with co-hosts Pete Hegseth and, more recently, Will Cain in recent years.

I say good riddance to Jedediah, who was an outspoken Trump detractor.

All we have to do now is get rid of Chris Wallace and Neil Cavuto, and we’ll have a major win.

“Thank you to the Fox News reporters, anchors, contributors, and producers who have been an absolute pleasure to work with these last few years,’ Bila said in a statement “To the viewers who supported me throughout my journey there — I’m deeply grateful for you and hopeful you’ll join me on my next adventure. I’m really excited for what’s to come.”




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