Angel Families Protested Outside of Nancy Pelosi’s Office After She Refused to Meet With Them.

After heartlessly being turned down to meet with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, angel families decided to protest outside her office instead.

All of the families who protested outside of Pelosi’s office have lost a loved one as the result of an illegal immigrants crime.

During the protest the families chanted, “build the wall,” in support of better border security.

The families are understandably frustrated with democrats and their refusal to work out a deal or even listen to those who have been hurt by criminal illegal immigrants.

They stormed Pelosi’s office to demand that she and the other democrats “build the wall!”

Watch below:

The group of hurting families came there stating facts, no yelling, no cussing… just real truth. We need border protection, no questions. I hope the President keeps standing strong.

“If you can talk all that talk, why can you walk all that walk,” said mother Sabine Durden about Democrats harsh rhetoric against President Donald Trump. “If you’re that tough, come see me. Come see all of us in one room. No press, just us, just for two minutes.”



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