Liberals will find any reason to complain about President Trump, Ana Navarro of CNN decided to respond to Trump’s Tweet about flying to Texas.

She really thinks she’s funny… Twitter users weren’t so amused by her blatant hate. The man can’t do anything right in the eyes of liberals! Check out the backlash this hater received from the internet…

IJR| President Trump departed Washington, D.C., Tuesday morning to visit with the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. The president will meet with First Responders and FEMA on his tour and assess what more the White House can do to assist those who are suffering greatly under the deadly storms and flooding that the hurricane brought.

[…]Republican CNN analyst Ana Navarro could not help but send a snarky tweet this morning as the president departed for the disaster area, saying the people of Texas were already “enduring enough suffering.”

The hate that spews from this woman’s mouth is ridiculous. What a distasteful joke. I get the feeling she is a very angry and unhappy person, bitter people usually are.

This is what Twitter had to say about it:

The guy is a billionaire in his 70s, he could have opted for a cushy retirement in NYC with lobster daily. Instead he takes on the unenviable task of the most humbling job on God’s earth. Hats off to you Mr. President… Show the man some respect!

He gave up that lavish lifestyle to be bullied, hated, criticized and mocked! He is one tough man and has a backbone of steel! Kudos to our President who loves our military men and women and cares about those who are less fortunate. It’s great to see the President make his way to Texas to see the devastation that they are going through.

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