If the funds were not used to help the students get the best education, where did the funds go? How did the School Boards use the congressional COVID-19 emergency relief funds?

Based on the audit reports which surfaced over the weekend, school districts from coast-to-coast have been misusing and mismanaging congressional funds. Rather than using it for education which was disrupted by quarantines due to Covid, they put new grass on the football field in Wisconsin and expanded “the city-owned Quinta Mazatlan nature center” in South Texas.

According to the inspector general overlord for the Ministry of Education, the schools across the country lacked oversight in the distribution of the funds, and that they threw it away thoughtlessly on “new nature centers and turf fields rather than focusing on technology and mental health services.

After Congress allocated “$190 billion in aid to go to school districts in need,” it immediately vanished all because Congress trusted the administrators so they could avoid “detailing requirements.”

Currently, a certain district in Wisconsin is taking the brunt of the heat and being made an example of the liberal stupidity all over America. The “prime example of relief fund abuse” comes from the Whitewater, Wisconsin school board. They casually voted to use 80 percent of its $2 million relief grant to revamp its sports team’s fields.

Athletics projects seem to be a common theme these days as a growing number of school districts in the U.S. are using pandemic fundings on athletics projects.

What is going on in America? No school should be allowed to throw taxpayer money away. School Boards should focus on the students and how to help them get the proper education despite of the pandemic.

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