Americans, particularly women, are struggling and starving as a result of Bidenflation. Mothers are crying out for assistance as they face the diminishing returns of high gas and food prices.

The Democratic Left sees no problem with using children for medical and social experiments without parental consent, and any mention of the female gender’s uniqueness and exclusivity is framed as “hatred” and an affront to the transgender agenda. The newest Supreme Court Justice can’t even define what it means to be a woman because, in her own words, “she’s not a biologist.”

But now that Roe v. Wade is overturned. The default position for liberals in America whenever they get upset is getting beyond tiring. Because following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, hundreds of woke Amazon employees organized a protest, demanding that their employer take immediate action.

According to a letter obtained by the exposé Twitter account Libs of TikTok, a group of pro-abortion Amazon employees wrote to corporate leadership on Monday demanding that the company withdraw business from pro-life states in the aftermath of Roe v. Wade’s demise.

In a report by Business Insider, Amazon employees demanded that leadership give “employees of all genders the space and time to grieve, express their frustrations, and protest against” last week’s Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision.

‘Libs Of TikTok’ shared a purported screenshot of the petition, which read: 

“We, the undersigned, come to you today to request immediate and decisive action against the threat to our basic human rights with the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

As part of Amazon’s wide-reaching efforts toward a more inclusive and diverse workforce, we believe that Amazon cannot let this recent decision go unanswered. We ask Amazon, the world’s best employer, to actively defend against this assault on our liberty.”

The other “proposed ideas” for how Amazon should use its “considerable influence” and “responsibility” to help the U.S. “correct its course” were just as extreme. The signees wrote that Amazon should censor pro-life vendors who access its marketplace,

Not only that, in addition to their senseless demand, another proposal called on Amazon to “cease operations in states that enact laws that endanger the lives and liberty of abortion seekers, either by denying them healthcare in life-threatening circumstances or by criminalizing abortion seekers and providers,” the New York Post reported.

Well, what about “hate speech or violence” in support of abortion?

Hypocrisy much?

During the last two months, the country has been hit by a wave of radical, “pro-abortion terror attacks.” Amazon employees, on the other hand, seemed more concerned with requesting that their company “expand remote work options” and alleged, “attacks on our democracy” than with the very real and destructive recent domestic terror attacks on pro-life organizations.

Here are some comments from folks online:

“I need to know when they do this so I can CANCEL Prime.”

“Killing their own jobs to support killing babies.”

“I never understood how these kinds of people make it through life”

“This is what happens when employers promote internal groups and give them oxygen. The message should be Fit In or find another job. Employers will eventually learn employees do not have much vested interest in the company and could be gone in a couple of weeks.”

“Go ahead, take time to grieve and never come back. You’re fired.”

“I guess it’s time to start spending more money with small businesses again.”

“But wait they are all ok with doing business over seas with Human rights violations, forced labor, child labor in a country that has tyrannical leadership. Please make it make sense. But they morn democracy…”

“Damn should I ask my employer for time to grieve everytime I’m told I can’t be a helicopter?”

Sources: Dailywire, Newsmax, Nypost


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