The southern border crisis seems to continue in the near future and the records show no progress. By the end of the month, over 16,000 children will apprehend in March alone, according to the new data from Customs and Border Protection. This breaks the record of 11,475 in May 2019.

Axios said that these new projections are roughly 10,000 children and higher than the previous prediction of the administrative that surge last month.

It was expected last month that 13,000 unaccompanied children would cross the border in May, according to administration and new numbers shows expectation of 22,000 to 25,000 in light of the current situation.

CBP projected as many as 26,000 apprehensions of unaccompanied minors by September.

The current administration continues to pretend this is not a major issue, instead suggesting the surge is seasonal.

The president said during his news conference last week, “There is a significant increase in the number of people coming to the border in the winter months of January, February, March. It happens every year,” some facilities at the border are overcrowded, raising serious questions about the livability of the conditions, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

Minors in Donna, Texas facilities, are currently operating at over 700 percent capacity, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency has stepped in to assist.

Since the media is facing great difficulties in gaining access to the facilities, it is impossible to get a clear picture of what is truly happening.

But according to the administration this has been due to the pandemic, the facilities only offering extremely limited access to the border facilities — and not the ones that are past capacity.

John Moore, a Getty Images special correspondent, called out the administration on Twitter for its lack of transparency.

“I respectfully ask US Customs and Border Protection to stop blocking media access to their border operations. I have photographed CBP under Bush, Obama and Trump but now – zero access is granted to media,” Moore tweeted earlier this month.

“There’s no modern precedent for a full physical ban on media access to CBP border operations. To those who might say, cut them some slack – they are dealing with a situation, I’d say that showing the US response to the current immigrant surge is exactly the media’s role,” he added. Journalists play a crucial role in holding the government accountable, but the Biden administration feels that it deserves some leniency because the majority of the establishment media tends to favor the left.

The lack of definitive policy action from the White House is only going to prolong the issue, which is dangerous for both migrants and border communities.

Source: The Western Journal

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