America has never been the same after Joe Biden has been installed in the White House earlier this year…

From his debacles, obvious and intermittent shortcomings are really a big negative hit on his presidency and to his political career.

A new poll reveals that a significant number of Americans, including a majority of Donald Trump voters, believe it’s time to go our separate ways. Yikes.

UVA Center for Politics director Larry Sabato commented on the release of both the poll and its findings as he stated, “The divide between Trump and Biden voters is deep, wide, and dangerous and the scope is unprecedented, and it will not be easily fixed.”

This is really interesting as people would be more likely to see America be divided. Clearly shows that Biden has really shattered the United States in just 9 months of being in control.

Among several questions posed to find out potential common ground between supporters of Trump and President Joe Biden, pollsters sought a response to the following statement: “The situation in America is such that I would favor [Blue/Red] states seceding from the union to form their own separate country.”

52 percent majority of Trump devotees agreed with that, as did 41 percent of Biden backers which is really a clear sign that Biden’s time is over.

Not to mention the growing crisis in the borders has been clearly ignored by the Biden administration, it’s just another debacle in the making.

America is just set to be reborn again.

Source: The Western Journal

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