The Alec Baldwin case just is getting more bizarre, now this leftist is accusing Trump Supporters which are clearly out of context.

After the person in charge of guns in the set has spoken out to clear herself and blame Alec for the fatal accident, someone from the Fresh Prince former cast is trying to rot out the Trump Supporters.

How? Why? I’m confused as to why on earth she even includes Trump Supporters?

Hubert, who previously held on to aged beef with Will Smith for years, knows a thing or two about stirring up some controversy. This time, she is holding fast to the conspiracy theory that Baldwin was handed a loaded gun on the set of the movie Rust as payback for all of his unflattering jokes, jabs, and insulting impersonations about former President Donald Trump.

Janet Hubert, a former Fresh Prince cast has shared her crazy theory about the fatal shooting accident of Halyna Hutchins, the Ukrainian Cinematographer. No wonder she was replaced by another actress. She is crazy.

In her recent tweet, she didn’t hesitate to blame the Trump supporters for set-up Alec Baldwin. I mean, that is crazy!

The Tweet reads, “Am I crazy, but my first thought was Baldwin was given this gun on purpose from someone to get back at him for his Trump impersonations? I have never seen prop guns sitting out on set EVER. Then to photograph his pain and give it to the press! Hmmm, so very heartless, TRUMPERS?”

Can somebody pass legislation to ask our doctors to study Trump Derangement Syndrome, because it’s real, and it’s dangerous? Why?

The investigation is still ongoing and these deranged persons are judging the case from an armchair and boy, they sound so lunatic.

Clearly, Janet needs some mental help.

Source: Wayne Dupree

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